Welcome to Dasaav

DASAAV stands for creativity and innovation as a Digital Solution either in the graphic or audiovisual field for the marketing communications giving the audience memorable experiences that delivers results.

Beyond media, campaign plans and budget, DASAAV stands for the passion to create work that a brand can grow into, with great ideas brilliantly executed that engage users and audiences irrespective of platform or device.

DASAAV have a broad experience in the multidisciplinary world of digital marketing, often fusing disciplines from across continents for successful digital projects.

Excellent attention to detail and innovation in storytelling with motion media, we have seen the passion and the experience with the interactive online production for our London branch. Dynamicscott

Latest Joined Companies

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    Win Technologies (UK) LTD.

    November 22, 2010

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    onedotzero industries

    July, 2010

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    Ariadna Interactive

    May, 2009

Why choose DASAAV?

Digital Out of Home Advertising

DASAAV has worked effectively on traditional online marketing and now has created new successful projects on Digital Signage (Touch Screen Systems, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage for retail, outdoors and catering).

Digital Signage
DOOH content / Motion Graphics
Interactive Installations
Digital Menu Boards
Visual Merchandising multidisplay installations
Comercial Video Mapping

User Experience & interface Design

Initially DASAAV started designing beautiful interfaces for key web portals, software and multimedia. User Experience design has evolved dramatically and DASAAV has progressed with it, building consistent user experiences across the brands.

From simple serviette sketches to front end development, DASAAV has implemented passion in every look and feel design. Please refer to our portfolio to see our beautifully crafted visual designs that tell brand stories with meaningful content.

Digital Film and Motion Graphics

For DASAAV Moving Image implies, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics combined with Live Action, animations that can be either for web or HD video.

DASAAV strongly believes that for successful and effective strategy in marketing campaigns, your projects should include high quality Moving Image to engage your audience in the brand or concept.

Corporate Identity Design

Exploit the potential of your visual identity to exhibit your brand effectively and consistently across all communication material.

Using corporate identity manuals from world class brands, DASAAV has created endorsed brands, sub-brands that nowadays have the credibility of massive amount of consumers due to the well-managed design.

Cross Media Platform Development

Digital Magazines, Touch Tables and Video Mapping are examples of the cross media interaction model aided with devices like Leap Motion to create true stunning experiences to support your marketing strategies or to display your product catalogue in a striking manner.

If your project involves music composition, DASAAV has partnered ICARUS to give the best support to achieve the highest quality in musicality and surrounding sounds.

Storytelling Production

Although DASAAV is digitally minded, DASAAV has developed small and big creative ideas in all forms for brands in South America and Europe, producing integrated digital campaigns, TV commercials, web experiences, visual identities, online animations, mobile experiences, games, interactive installations and print.

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